Speeding up your PC – More tips.

Surprisngly when I made my page about speeding up the computer, I discovered more tips. Which I have found to help. Well not a lot more tips, but some.


1 – Minimise Start Up applications

The biggest reason why my PC slowed down was due to the large ammount of applications that started with Windows. Now this doesn’t present too much of an issue if you leave your PC on 24-7, however for those that don’t I have compiled a list of applications that can cause a Windows Start-up to become slow.


  • ObjectDock (Main Culprit)
  • ViGlance
  • StarDock Fences
  • Dropbox
  • RocketDock
  • Your Anti-Virus Software (Depends on which one you are using)
  • Other Desktop Enhancements

Of course the speed of windows start-up also depends on how fast your PC/Laptop or Netbook is.

When I got rid of Object Dock last night, my PC’s start up time became much faster. If you really need a dock, then I will be making a post about it later on today.


2 – Turn off Aero (If you don’t need it)

Windows Aero (Vista and Above) looks great, there is no doubt about that. However in some cases in can prove to be the biggest downfall when it comes to performance, especially for gamers and video editors. Removing transparency is very easy.

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, right click an empty space on the desktop and click on “Personalize”


After you have clicked personalize, you’ll be presented with the following Window. Click on Window Colour and appearance.


Then you’ll be directed to this window.


From there, uncheck the box which says “Enable Transparency” and click ok. The transparency should be gone.


3 – iTunes processes (Advanced users only)

On Windows iTunes tends to add more background processes than is really needed, and this can have a bad impact on system performance, as well as iTunes performance.  In the background, iTunesHelper.exe runs, even if you are not running iTunes. The best way to turn this off is by using the task manager.


Click on iTunesHelper.exe and click “End Process”  Don’t worry about having to re-enable it, when you run iTunes it should re-enable iTunes Helper automatically.



These tips should help improve performance on your PC. I myself have followed these tips and have noticed a slight increase in performance. I recommend that you check out the page on my blog about speeding up your computer, and then combine it with the tips in this post.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be making a post about using Windows it’s self to create a dock/superbar to save you from downloading a resource consuming dock.


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