Alternative to Docks (Windows Vista)

In my last post, I stated that Docks can have a negative impact on system performance. Which in many cases is true. What a lot people do not know, is that Windows can create a dock by default, its quite easy.


1 – Folder Dock

You can create a dock from a folder, by simply dragging the folder to any side of the desktop.


To close the dock, right click an empty space, and click “Close Toolbar”.

Although docking a folder is quick and easy, it just doesn’t look like it fits in with your visual style.


2 – SuperBar Emulation

Although many people will tell you to download ViGlance, you can actually have a superbar without downloading anything.

First show quick launch, by right clicking on the taskbar > Toolbars > Quick Launch.


Once you have done that, right click the taskbar again, and click on “Lock Taskbar”.

Once you have done that, drag the quick launch bar all the way to the right.


Then, right click on the quick launch bar > View> Large Icons. Then lock the taskbar again.


There you go, you have just made an emulation of the super bar without having to download anything. There are a few issues when doing it this way, the main issue is that the icons tend to randomly change position, and have not yet found a fix or a workaround for it.


But I want to use a dock though?

Well if you want to download a dock, the best one to use in terms of system performance is RocketDock, its the light weight of all the other docks however it lacks certain features and functions you might find with other docks.

Keep in mind that RocketDock has not been updated in years. Although it still works.

Download RocketDock:


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