Why I haven’t got a job ….

Call me sad, call me a low life. You wouldn’t be wrong.

I am 19, had no work experience of any kind, no confidence in myself.

I have applied for countless jobs since the start of this year, and not a single one of them has give me a job.

I might send off my application form, and not hear anything from them, they just totally ingnore me. That has happened for every job I have a applied for with the exception of the two interviews I had. Both of which have said no.

So what can I do? At this rate, I don’t think I’ll have a job and I’ll probably be on the streets. The only option I of possible redemption is the join the Army, I know I will be risking my life. 

All my life I was lied too, everyone told me I would do well …. everyone told me I would get a job, and my own house ……. never going to happen.

School, college complete waste of time, they did not get me anywhere.

All I do now is apply for jobs and play on my PS3. There is nothing else I can do.  I hope I do get a job soon ………

Before I die, I want to have had one job at least ……. that is all I ask.


looking on the Brightside though, I have been invited to a job’s fair in my area, and I am going to attend.  Also last week I applied for a job at the BBC via the Future Jobs fund, which is basically like work experience, but for adults and it lasts 6 months. Something like that would an amazing opportunity, as soon I heard about it I got excited and jumped at the chance.

We’ll see what happens at this jobs fair …… you never know …. I might get a job.

He who dares wins!” – Derick Trotter – Only fools and Horses


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