Tip – Make Facebook Black.

I have always been put off telling people because the people who ask me are not technically minded and they won’t understand what I am trying to tell them.  If you want an in-depth tutorial then read on to find out more.

Step 1 – Stylish

Stylish is an add-on/extension available to Google Chrome and Firefox users and is by far the best way to install user styles.

To install stylish visit the relevant links below.

Google Chrome Stylish – http://bit.ly/bLvq3N

(On a side note you can also download user styles from the Chrome extensions Gallery, which does not require stylish to be installed.)

Firefox Stylish – http://bit.ly/fBOyUW

Once you have them installed you can then move onto the next step.

Step 2 – User Style

After you have installed Stylish, the next step is to find and install a user style. The best website to use would be user styles.  (Link: http://userstyles.org/ )

Or if you are on Google Chrome you can visit the website you wish to apply a user style, and then click on the Stylish icon next to the address bar and click “Find Styles for this site” and it will automatically search on userstyles.org for styles for that website.

To apply a user style in the green box it will have a button which says “install with Stylish”.


Just click that button, and it should instantly change the style of the website. (Sometimes you may need to refresh the page on the website the style is being applied too)

Step 4 – Uninstalling Styles.

If you want to revert back to Facebook’s original style then you can easily uninstall the user styles.


In Chrome, you can disable styles by clicking the stylish icon in the top right, and clicking on either “Disable” or “Uninstall”.



In Firefox you have to go to “Addons – User Styles” and then click either “Disable” or “Uninstall”


Do not worry if you are using Firefox 3.6. The method of uninstalling is the same. Except that in Firefox 3.6. the add ons window is separate from the main Firefox window.

After uninstalling or disabling a user style make sure to refresh the website the style was applied to. Sometimes it instantly reverts back to the original design, and sometimes a refresh is required.


Other web browsers such as Opera can support user styles, however I have found that Stylish does not work on Opera, so you have to manually code the user style in. Hence why stylish is the best choice especially for less technically minded people.

I am aware that you can use “grease Monkey” to do this in Firefox but I have found it to be a bit confusing to use.

Also as I said earlier, you can get user styles from the chrome extensions gallery, if you get them from here, you won’t need stylish to use them.

The methods shown in this post, will work for any website, not just Facebook.  If you want a more up-to-date guide then check out this post.


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