Playstation iApp – Is it worth it?

If you have a PS3, then you must have caught word about the new PS iApp (Short for iPhone App). I am going to do a sort of review because I have not done an iApp review in a while.



The main interface uses the XMB (Cross Media Bar) as it does with the PS3 and PSP systems, so there are no issues with navigation if you are familiar with the PS3 or PSP.


The ease of navigation is one of this iApp’s strong points.

As you can tell from the screen shot (above) they have kept a typical PS3 look and feel without making the iApp harder to use.


You can read the official play station blog, and also catch up on the latest playstation news right from the iApp.

Also while you are out an about say at a gamestation or Game, you can use the app to look up a description of the game, and you can also access trailers and share the information with other users, it would be nice to be able to purchase games for later download using the app.

You can filter it by a number of criteria, such as console, genere etc.


Due to copyright reasons the app restricted the ability of taking a screenshot of the description section for each game. 

(Yes it even shows PS2 games)

The “My PSN” Section does nothing more than show what friends are online right now, so its probably the weak point of this app. Nice to have on-the-go to see what friends are online, but its not something to use as a communication platform, it would have been much better to be able to send messages to friends from this app.


(I am not that sad, I did not add myself. my PSN seems to add me to my own friends list, also I like to keep my list clean)


Performance wise the app runs amazingly smooth on my iPod touch 2G. Without any performance loss.



For a free iApp it is not that bad, but it could use a lot more features such as being able to send messages to friends who are onlline, and also be able to access the PS Store to purchase games for later download.

This app finds its best use whilst out and about. It is not a replacement for the full XMB experience though.

Try it out and let me know what you think.


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