Mass Effect 2 PS3 – Save bug? Bullshit…

I love playing the mass effect games, as they are long enough and good enough to keep me interested in the game unlike other games *cough* BLACK OPS! *COUGH*.

However today and yesterday my Feedly feeds were full of posts about how the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 corrupts your save games….. I can tell you that in my case this is pure bullshit.

I have completed the entire game on just one save file and it has not yet bugged out. Hell even Fallout Vegas hasn’t corrupted my save games, and that crashes more times than a car in a Destruction Derby.


I think the main source of the problem is that people turn their consoles off while the game is saving, doing that will corrupt your save game. I honestly think that people do not see the “Saving please do not turn off your system” messages while playing the game.


Now, onto the real bug on the game. It crashes …. yes it crashes. Not as often as Fallout Vegas does, in fact it has only crashed twice throughout the entire game. Once before I completed it, and the second time was after I had completed it. At the end of the day though it does not crash often enough for it to be called a buggy game or warrant attention from the Developer.

I have to say that they did a great job with mass effect 2 for the PS3. Not only are the frame rate issues gone (the ones that plagued the Xbox Version) the graphics seem a lot smoother and cleaner than the Xbox Version, also lets not forget that EA and BioWare were kind enough to throw in a ton of DLC with the game for free, and on the PS Store extra DLC is really cheap, under £5 however you can get all the cheap DLC in one pack for about £6+ which is a fair price to pay.

(Free DLC will only be available to those who purchased the game brand new)

Although you cannot import a Mass Effect 1 character, you can use the interactive comic to change the characters decisions in Mass Effect 1 to have repercussions in Mass Effect 2.

My advice, if you want to get Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 then buy it from a retailer such as GameStation as the PS store is asking for £47.99 which is expensive for a game. I managed to get it brand new for about £40.99 which is cheaper.


4 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 PS3 – Save bug? Bullshit…

  1. Ok, you were not impacted by this bug. You love this game so much that you feel insulted when some people are pretending to suffer from a bug. What kind of obnoxious **** are you? If you are interested, yes there is a bug. This bug leads to freezes during loading sequences. Guess what, autosave happens right at this moment, so if your console freezes, you have no option but to force a reboot of the ps3. And data corruption occurs at this very moment (even if, in my case, the game was frozen since 5 minutes). Also, bioware decided to use only one file to put all your saves. So when this file corrupts, you just lose everything.

    But yeah, it’s probably an army of stupid people who are just waiting the very best moment to shutdown their console at the worst moment.

    What irritates me here is that you are polluting the web by adding out of topic results in my google. Also, as a consumer, you should be on the side of consumers. What kind of signal are you sending to studios who are releasing critically flawed products ? That it’s ok and that people who don’t suffer from the bug will defend them?

      1. My bad if the reason of your post was not you feeling insulted, I just tried to figure why anyone would write anything like this.
        In what “first place”? I assume that you understand that a bug can be platform specific, and that a bug can’t be spotted before the game is released. For ME2, it was on the 10 of December 2010, people started to complain really fast, and they are still complaining, even after the pseudo fix released by bioware. Google “mass effect 2 ps3 save game” and you’ll see.
        Your comment does not make any kind of sense.

      2. Yeah, I’ve just read my own comment. I guess I posted it because I was in a crappy mood and needed something to complain about.

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