Do subscribers actually watch your videos?

I was on Twitter via Tweetdeck a few minutes ago, and there was some talk about how, although having more that 1000 subscribers (or more) they only seem to be getting 100-300 views a day.

In my case I have 1808 subscribers, and average about 10-15 views a day. So I see why people are talking about this over twitter. There have also been a few theories.

Here are the insight statistics for my most recent video.


If you look at “YouTube Subscription Modules” you can see that only 0.85% of 1808 subscribers actually watch the video. That is less than one percent.  The most views actually came from YouTube searches, and not the subscribers.

(Subscriber count and statistics were correct at time of posting.)

Theory 1 – A Glitch

This is one of the first theories that people can come up with as an explanation for this issue. In the past this may have been correct, however as of recent I have not seen nor heard anything about glitches on YouTube relating to the subscriptions being displayed.

Another glitch could be the view count, not too bad of a theory but again I’ve not heard or seen anything about the view count being glitchy.

Theory 2 – Subscribers lacking internet access.

This is a bullshit theory in its own right. You mean to tell me that out of 1808 people in the world only 10-15 actually have a working internet connection?  Give me a break. Nearly the entire world is online.

Theory 3 – Lacking interest.

This theory is not too far fetched. People can choose not to watch a video you upload, but then this raises the question “Why subscribe?”. Most people on YouTube will watch one or two of your videos and then not bother watching them any more, however they will still remain subscribed.

Hell some people subscribe and then they won’t ever log onto YouTube anymore.



It’s quite upsetting that I thought over 1808 people were watching my videos when in fact only 10-15 people even bother watching is pretty saddening. I will admit at least those 10-15 people are watching my videos.  (Also I meant no offence to anyone if I have offended you I apologise)


7 thoughts on “Do subscribers actually watch your videos?

  1. Happens on this end as well. I get a bit more though. Average is around 150 views on each but i have 752 subscribers. As you said, They may only be intrested in certain videos 😉

    1. Yeah, I have to admit some of the people I subscribe too only seem to care about the iPad and Mobile phones with a few exceptions. Mobile and Apple stuff generally don’t interest me so I don’t watch those particular videos.

  2. I hate it when people sub to my channel and don’t watch my videos. I think they do it to just up their number of subs.

    1. I get a lot of sub 4 sub messages and find that after a few days I loose the sub because I did not sub back, I do not see the point in sub4sub so just ignore that extra sub expecting it to disappear soon anyway

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