Remember the application – Tunes Tweeter.

There is no denying that Twitter has evolved over the years. I have found it to be one of the best ways of keeping up to date with what is going on in the technology world. It also allows me to communicate with people and interact with the community.

However, one thing that Twitter missed was the ability to share our musical tastes with the community. We can share the apps we use, we can share the movies we want to watch … we can even share our location.

This is where Tunes Twitter used to come in. It was one of the easiest ways to post on twitter the music you are listening too. All you have to do was enter your account details in and Tunes tweeter will tweet out the name of the song you are playing automatically.


However … this is a “forgotten” application. By that I mean the developers have not updated the application, and seemed to have as the name implies forgotten about this app.  The main drawback with using the application now is that your user name and password will no longer work even if they are correct. A few minuets ago I tried to enter my user name and password in about five times and it kept saying my account details were wrong when I know them to be right.

The issue might be with when twitter changed their API which meant Twitter desktop applications would not work unless they were updated. Tunes Tweeter has clearly not been updated.

A simple application, that was left to rot away. It saddens me when such great applications just get brushed aside. The developers of Tunes Tweeter didn’t even leave any contact details, nor did they have an “official” download link.

I am not mad at the developers at abandoning this project, they have obviously had no time to continue development. I just hope one day they come back and make this better.

There are alternatives such as Like.FM however they are not that easy to set up. Like.FM took about 5 minuets to link accounts and about 2 days for the songs to start being posted to Twitter.

The remember the application series is about remembering those applications which have been brushed aside or just forgotten about.


If you have any applications that you feel have been forgotten about then leave them in a comment.


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