A suggestion for Black Ops ….

I was watching a machinma video on Black ops where the guy was talking about how Black ops shouldn’t let people join a game that is already in progress. He then went on to talk about how people should be punished for leaving a game early. Below I am going to list my suggestions on this issue and talk about them.


Joining a game in progress

One of the worst things to happen is when you join a game and your team loses. It doesn’t feel fair, and it gets recorded as a loss on the combat record. The machinma video I watched talked about giving players a choice whether to join a game in progress or not. I disagree with that, I think if that games that in progress should actually be locked out when on match making.

Punishment for quitting early.

The video also said that De-Ranking players would be a good way of punishing them, that might work on games such as Halo 3, but when it comes to black ops, I think its a bit harsh. What happens if you disconnect? What happens if your connection goes off if your in a middle of a game?  However, what I would do is give time for players to quit the match, and after the first kill the “quit” option is locked out. That way players can choose to stay or leave, however if they choose to stay they have to finish the whole match.

Or another good punishment would be to take COD points away. You should take away 50% of their score in COD points. So for example if you get 1000 points, and you quit you lose 500 COD points. That way players will be more inclined to remain in the game, and no one loses their rank either.


These are just some suggestions, they are not the best but I think they should at least give them a shot. If you have better suggestions let me know.


3 thoughts on “A suggestion for Black Ops ….

  1. I would say that with punishment for people quitting should not be instated. As you said, Ifd your connection cuts out or the power goes out, Not only will you be extremely pissed off, But you will come back to find your funds have been cut. If there was a possible way to decipher who is quitting and who is not then, yeah by all means do it. But there isn’t. Some people may say “they can punish those who press the quit button” but that can be worked around by simply exiting to the dashboard or turning the console off. People could even make a lag switch that they would keep off until they leave the game. There are so many ways it can be exploited.
    I have been reading up on multiplayer game you see 😉 i might be starting construction on a nazi zombie type game but with like a constant wave of zombies (kindof like nazi zombies mixed with L4D’s survival mode)

    1. Sounds pretty good. I was going to get left 4 dead 2 on PC but it was 29.99 at ASDA which is funjny as it was supposed to be on offer. I might get it on steam instead as it would be cheaper.

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