Treyarch Lied…. 1.04 patch breakdown.

I had a look at some of the “fixes” and I have to say some of them are utter nonsense. I am compiling a short list of what was supposed to have been fixed but actually hasn’t.



Funnily enough despite players constantly complaining about the crash issues, Treyarch does not seem to be fixing them. I could be wrong in saying that the connection issues have nothing to do with the crashes. Its a major problem especially if it crashes while saving game data, you could corrupt the entire HDD. Which means you lose not only all your save games, but your downloadable content, your contacts list and more. HDD’s are not cheap, so its something Treyarch needs to look into and fix.

Connection issues.

Believe it or not, the connection issues have gotten better but they still occur, round about every 5 matches I would get disconnected. This has been the case on every call of duty game since modern warfare 1. (On both Xbox live and PSN)

There was also news of a “hacker” who made everyone disconnect constantly, since the connection issues have not been solved is logical to assume that someone else maybe involved, they just haven’t been caught yet. I would also advise you be careful about it, the DOS attack would most likely turn your console into a console that can spread viruses (Yes consoles can get Viruses too).

Accurate” Sniping

This was by far one of the worst lies ever. The sniper rifles have in fact become less accurate, as yesterday I had about 10 clean clear cut shots with a sniper, and not even a single round was able to hit the target.

Default multiplayer option

Treyarch were not specific about which options menu contains the default multiplayer setting.  I managed to find it after some time.

Dolly Cam”

This feature was a pure fabrication. There is no Dolly cam in the theatre, or treyarch have not made the means to access it clear enough.


My theory

You know when treyarch announced Black ops and was demoing a level the guy said “we have signed an exclusive deal with xbox live” which leads me to believe that Microsoft has paid Treyarch off. Which might explain why the PS3 has been having all the issues. Also it could mean that future CoD games will be Xbox Exclusives. (That is if there are any “future” CoD games)

I do not think it is fair to pay money to play games online when I paid enough for the console, and I paid £30 – £50 for each game. So don’t try and and bullshit me about PSN being free so its going to have issues.


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