Getting into a routine? WTF! …

Believe it or not one of the most common reasons productivity goes down is because people are too tired. Being tired slows your reaction time, it negatively affects your concentration, and it makes it harder to do more physically demanding work (such as heavy lifting”) Over my years of going school, and college I have learnt to control when I sleep and when I am awake.

Here is what I do.

Every night I try and get to bed for 9pm. This is regardless of whether I have a day off or not, if I stay up later than 9pm even if its just for one night it can break the routine, which is why I designate Friday nights for staying up late due to NCIS season 8 and The Walking dead being on between 9pm – 10pm.  So my advice is that you designate one day in the week where you can stay up late.

If you stick to the routine you have set your self you’ll end up being less tired, more relaxed and more productive.


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