Black Ops issues solved…. yet more arise.

In my previous blog post I listed what was wrong with Black ops when playing online. After updating to version 1.03 on the PSN it initially seemed to make matters worse with every 25 out of 30 matches disconnecting, and the crashes seemed the surface during gameplay and not the loading screen, however as of late I have yet to have any of the issues.

Now onto another major issues which I am surprised not many people noticed. You see when you are on one side of the map, the whole enemy team seems to be able to spawn right behind you, even if your entire team is on that side of the map, also the game has a nasty habit of spawning you right infront of an enemy player. These issues are more noticeable on the smaller maps such as “Nuketown” (Especially NukeTown).

Hang on… the spawns on Free for all have always been bad? Why is this an issue?

I never mentioned I was playing on free for all, this happens on team death match. It’s another issue TryArch have missed out on. On the older Call of Duty games (MW2 and earlier) once your whole team is on one side of the map the enemy team would spawn on the other side of the map. I am not sure whether these spawn issues were intentional to stop spawn manipulation. It would be nice for TrayArch to tell us about this.

As I said before NukeTown is a good map, but its let down by these spawn issues.

List of more issues that have been uncovered.

  • Spawns have not been fixed yet.
  • Combat Record shows inaccurate stats (such as K/D ratio, Best kill streak etc)
    My stats show that my best streak is only 1, which is bullshit. I have had up to a 10 Kill streak (None rewarded), and my highest K/D ratio was actually 2.58 not 0.55.
  • Grenades not killing other players despite it being near them when it explodes. (This is regardless whether they use the Flack Jacket perk or not.)

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