New Web Browser – Rockmelt.

You’ll have heard of Flock which is essentially a poor attempt at socialising a web browser. Rockmelt however is much better.

Browsing speed.

Since Rockmelt is based off Google Chrome, you can expect to have really fast web browser, I have had no problems with the browser as far as browsing speed goes. Web pages load up near instantly.

Social integration.

Although Rockmelt only supports Facebook and Twitter (at the moment) I think that the way its integrated in the browser is fantastic.  You have 2 sidebars, the left side bar controls all of the Facebook chat contacts, and the right sidebar contains all of the Twitter and Facebook updates…… but that is not all the right side bar can do. What is amazing is that they were able to add both sidebars without minimising browsing space.


You see the right sidebar can also be used to add RSS feeds for quick access to them. When you click on them it opens a small popout window and lists all of the latest posts on them. Another amazing feature which doesn’t take up important browsing space.

To post to twitter/Facebook all you have to do is click your profile image in the top left, and select which social network you want to post too.


Adding feeds.

Adding feeds is quite simple, in the first screen shot I am sure you noticed the green button on the right sidebar.


When that buttons turns green it means there is a feed on the page you are currently visiting, it will also grab feeds from your history as well. All you need to do is click on that and then a small popout window will appear.


All you have to do is click on “Add” next to the feed you want to add.  That’s it you have just added a feed to the side bar. You can also add a URL, you can do this when the button is blue then just copy & paste the feed URL in and add the feed.


Yes Rockmelt does support Google Chrome extensions, however once you add them there is no way of uninstalling them as Rockmelt doesn’t seem to have an extensions settings page yet. I have tried out feedly and it did work 100% but that can be said for all extensions.

I also did try and install a Google Chrome theme but was met bad results so I had to get rid of it by undoing it.

My advice is to avoid installing extensions until they add more settings for them.


Can I have an invite?

I am only giving invites out to people who I know. I am not going to give it out to some random person sorry.  If no one takes an interest after being invited I might do a giveaway on YouTube. Then again I might not.



Rockmelt is a fantastic web browser. The sidebars don’t intrude on the browsing space, I have had no crashes, bugs or any glitches of any kind. They just need to remove that tacky blue theme and go with something better. Don’t read to so called “expert” reviews on the browser as they slam it so bad. I read a review somewhere saying that rockmelt crashed every 5 minuets and I just proved them wrong.

The people I sent an invite to have said nothing but positive stuff. It just shows that most so called “experts” meaning cnet,  Do not know how to review anything. I urge people to give this browser a try.

Keep in mind that this is still in beta so its bound to improve over time. If were to choose between Flock and Rockmelt I would choose rockmelt.

Rockmelt is ready for Mac and Windows system, but shockingly there is no linux support which is odd considering Google Chrome can run on Linux just fine.

What do you think of RockMelt?


4 thoughts on “New Web Browser – Rockmelt.

  1. I know RM is no more, but I have a new PC and I WANT RM back on ! WHERE can I get even a copy of it to download? I don’t care if some of the features don’t work, It was the Fastest browser for playing games on Facebook. Please..I need it back!

    1. The closest thing your going to get is Flock and that doesn’t exisist any more. You can however use flock from the following link.

      Just as a caution you should never use an old web browser, as their insecure, slow and have outdated tech.

      Instead try using the Yoono extension on Google Chrome. It adds all the social networking features found in Rockmelt.

      Rockmelt still exists but has become a social news reader rather than a web browser. Its only for Android and iOS though I’m afraid.

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