My Top Docks for Windows.

On today’s list I will list my best docks for Windows. I decided to do this due to the very positive reaction I gained from my Twitter client list, and I may in future do more lists if I get a good reaction on them. 


Video was created by Punk Software.

Rocket dock was the very first Dock I ever used back when I started using the CrystalXP bricopacks back in the day. Since then it has had minor updates.  Although there was a lack of advanced features it had a huge website full of icons, docklets, skins etc backing it up. However I felt that the dock wasn’t advanced enough for me, it is a barebone dock which requires docklets to make it match up to the other docks that you can download.

I will recommend this for those who are starting to use a dock for Windows as its a good one to use to get the feel of what a dock is like. However I wouldn’t use it forever. Also the Dock has not been updated since 2008, whether the project has been abandoned I do not know.

Download Link –




This is the dock I am using at this very moment. It has high quality icons, live icon reflections, a large assortment of bundled backgrounds and a whole a host of settings.

This new version has really impressed me. The settings are easy to navigate it took me 5 minutes to customise the dock to my liking, the live icon reflections have saved me hours of downloading and editing, and having the OSX(ish) background bundled with it has really saved me a lot of work.  Not to mention it has the best support for Windows 7 than any other dock in this list.

Now onto the bad about the dock. For one the minimise animation when minimising Windows to the dock is disgrace, its slow and laggy. The previous version of ObjectDock’s minimise animation was really nice and smooth and it would be nice to have that back. Also there was some performance issues when I first started using it, though they seem to have disappeared after a while.

Overall I would recommend this dock for anyone who wants to make Windows look like OSX. When used in conjunction with StarDock fences you have a really great desktop experience.

Download Link –  (Please note that there is also a paid version. The free version is good enough)

Nexus Dock.

Nexus Dock is nearly a clone of ObjectDock … well the new version of ObjectDock at least. Nexus Dock has all the great stuff that ObjectDock had, however some paid features in ObjectDock can be found for free on Nexus Dock.

Nexus dock worked perfectly with my system I had no performance issues with it at all, and it also had the live icon reflections and bundled backgrounds. It also came with some fairly good docklets. It is a powerful dock and should not be taken lightly.

Ok so the bad about this dock is that the settings are hard to navigate especially if you have never used a dock before. Also the load on the system at times can be heavy so its something you might want to avoid if you are using a netbook or slow computer.

Overall I did like using the dock, however now it has become a contest of which dock you prefer … ObjectDock or Nexus dock as they are nearly the same now. I would recommend it to those who have used docks in the past and want something with a bit more power.

Download Link – (Get the free download)

XWindows Dock.


XWindows Dock is a great alternate for those who are new to using docks on Windows. It has live icon reflections and easy ways to import skins and docklets, it also has great quality icons with live icon reflections. The graphics engine it uses is also very light on the system. The settings are easy to navigate.

It has a good community backing it up. So if you are looking for skins or help make sure you check out the official forums on the website.

However, it does not support minimising Windows to the dock, it does not have a reserve edge of screen feature. It also has not been updated in quite some time. So whether this project has been abandoned remains to be seen.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to use a dock, but isn’t ready to use ObjectDock or Nexus Dock.



I am going to say all these docks have their good and bad points, personally  I like using either ObjectDock or Nexus Dock. If you have any docks you would like to share please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Thanks for the review
    BTW I read your Bio an I think you have a fundamental misconception of yourself, someone who contributes so much could never be called lazy!

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