ObjectDock Review (New version)

Since OD has been updated since the whole computer incident, I thought I would lay down my opinions here.
Keep in mind that this is the free version not the paid version.


What’s new?

  • Live icon reflections
  • New Backgrouns bundled
  • New UI
  • Ghost-Mode
  • Better 64bit support
    • Start menu docklet now works on 64bit systems.
  • Improved integration with Windows 7.


Live icon reflections

I have to say its about damn time ObjectDock started using Live icon reflections, it has saved me a ton of downloading and searching to make reflective icons. This also does not seem to impact performance of the dock as much, as compared to other docks such as “Nexus Dock”.  The icons and reflections are set at high res by default (although you can use low res if you have a slower computer) which is also welcomed.



New Backgrounds

As you will have gathered from the screen shot above, ObjectDock includes new Bundled backgrounds, one of which being an OSX background, which again is awesome as it saves searching, downloading and the messing around to get it working. You can also download more from WinCustomise if you wanted more backgrounds.

The new interface also allows paid users to colour the background with a colour of their choice (Something which can be done on Nexus dock for free).


New UI

The UI has seen the biggest changes. Its been completely redesigned and it makes changing any dock settings much easier and quicker. Also worth mentioning is that paid users can have multiple docks with different settings and icons etc so they can switch between them. I am not going into too much detail but each setting seems to be easy to understand. However I do have issues when closing it as the normal Minimise, Maximise and close buttons don’t seem to work I have to go though the main menu to close the settings Window.



To put it simply Ghost-Mode makes all the icons and backgrounds of the dock invisible until you hiver your mouse over it. While its a cool feature it doesn’t seem necessary, so I don’t even use Ghost-Mode.


Overall StarDock have made very welcomed improvements to the dock. The live icon reflections work really well and the icon quality is amazing. However with new improvements there are new problems. Once such problem is that the dock when using the zoom effect it seems to slow the whole system down, and when minimising Windows to the Dock the minimise animation is slow and very laggy and impacts the performance of the whole system.

The previous version of ObjectDock did not have such issues. I hope StarDock dosen’t take 3 more years to fix these issues.

Again StarDock have kept good features for paid customers, honestly if your looking for most of the paid features for free then I recommend you get Nexus Dock. Its still stupid how they expect you to pay for this.

None the less its defiantly worth the download if you’re in need for a dock. Keep in mind though that there are better docks and applications launchers out there.

Thanks for reading, let me know what your opinions are on ObjectDock. Have a better alternate? Let me know in the comments.


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