My opinion on Black ops (not a review)

Since I suck at reviewing anything, I decided to just go with what I think of the game really. Keep in mind that I am not a die hard fan of call of duty the novelty does wear off after a while. I still do remain scpetical about the online multiplayer although I said it was good. It will probably become full of little children using lag switches, turtle beeches, rapid fire controllers.

Black ops is defiantly a step up from Modern warefare 2. I would have liked to see a better change in the graphics as they don’t seem to have been greatly updated since Call of Duty 4. I do think the online Mulitplayer is good, restricting which weapons can be brought until you reach a specific rank was good idea, it prevents people from having the best guns early on in the game.

The zombies game mode is a lot of fun. The more choice of weapons is welcome as I am sick of using the same LMG’s and SMG’s over and over again. I do like having president Kennedy and Fidel castro fighting zombies. They have also included the witty remarks each character makes during the course of the zombies game. Which adds more humour and personality to the game.

(Yes the rumours about an over the top view version of Nazi Zombies is true. At the main menu look at your lap and rapidly alternate between pressing R1 and L1 or RT and LT on Xbox, you should be able to break free if you have done it correctly, walk around until you find the computer and type in “DOA” and press enter, it should take you to the Dead Ops arcade which once unlocked can be accessed again by going to the Zombies game menu and selecting it. The game plays much like “Zombie Apocalypse” which was available on XBLA some time ago)

Overall Black ops is an enjoyable game.  They have nailed the multiplayer once again and made the game a bit more balanced. However as usual I suffered about 15 connections problems when playing games online and it was not my connection it was the servers on activation’s end. At one point it said the servers were down despite the website saying that they were working. But these issues could be down the amount of people playing online as did only come out today.

I would also like to point out that there are people at level 30+ already which is impossible in to achieve in one day, it leads me to believe that they are playing a pirated copy of Black ops, and neither Sony or tray arch has done anything to quell these pirates. Also removing the ability to quick scope is very welcomed. I have not yet encountered a single sniper, yet. It goes to show that most sinpers on previous call of duty games couldn’t aim with the sniper rifle.

They have also added a bot match mode to help you practise multiplayer games, and the bots are no pushovers they are intelligent and sneaky much like on a real multiplayer match. Its a good idea to use this mode to sort of get used to the maps on the game. The bot match mode also allows you to rank up and customise weapons, however these will not be carried over into the main matchmaking.


But other than that its your typical run of the mill call of duty game, which I am sad to say will die down in the coming months.  I also read somewhere that the world at war servers will be shutting down to make room for black ops. But whether this is just a rumour no one knows.


Anyway thanks for reading.


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