Ninite Installer–Install free apps in one go.

We all know what its like when you get a new PC or format your Hard drive, you have to go around the internet and search for applications to download such as a web browser or e-mail client. Searching around the internet for all of these applications is a time consuming task … not any more.

Ninite install will allow you to select multiple free ware applications from the massive list on the site. All you have to do is check which applications you want to install, and then get the installer its that simple.


The image above shows some of the applications that can be installed.

As the site implies the installer is unattended which means you don’t have to watch it install as it will do everything its self.

Don’t see an application you want? You can also recommend an application on the website and if approved they will add it to the list.

They also have a version for linux as well so its worth checking out, as linux can be a pain the arse when it comes to installing applications.

Recommended apps.

I have decided to compile a list of recommended applications that you can get on Ninite.

Web browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • FireFox


  • Thunderbird
  • Digsby


  • VLC
  • SongBird
  • K-Lite codecs
  • Spotify


  • G.I.M.P (hahah the joke is not funny)


  • OpenOffice
  • Foxit reader (Alternate to Adobe reader)
  • CutePDF (Allows you to export a document in PDF format)


  • AVG OR Security essentials


  • Flash
  • Silverlight
  • Air
  • Java

File sharing

  • uTorrent


  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • Steam


  • Revo Uninstaller
  • CCleaner
  • Launchy
  • Team viewer


  • 7Zip – Great for extracting RAR files


  • Notepad ++



So what do you think of Ninite? Worth using? Let me know in the comments. Also if you want you can share your list of applications.


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