Computer Update–5/11/2010

If you did not yet know my PC finally returned to my house. Or so I thought.

The PC did come back, however it didn’t work when I plugged it in so I was trying to come up with a solution which ended in failure. We had to call brighthouse and they said to take it in on Monday so I can get it replaced. I hope they give me a Machine with Windows 7 on it at least.  I also hope they don’t fob me off with a second hand piece of shit. I want a brand new PC.

So it seems I may have to wait a little longer to start making any more screen casts for YouTube.  I would like to apologise for not making screen casts. Also I would strongly recommend that you do not get anything from brighthouse unless you have no other choice.

I know it seems like I am a bit too attached to my PC, and its a good observation. Say you’re an athlete, and both of your legs get chopped off. My computer is my passion. Call me what ever you want.

Anyway thanks for reading this. If I do get my new PC on Monday you’ll probably see an unboxing on YouTube and then a screen cast to follow. However this time I will use the ninite installer.


The PC went away with a simple log in problem which could have been solved within a couple of hours if I was able to create a factory restore disc.


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