FireFox/Chrome extension – Feedly keep up to date with news.

If your like me and you hate using Google reader, but don’t want to lose out on all of the biggest tech news, then feedly for Chrome and Firefox is what you need. When you first get the addon it will ask you to sign in with your Gmail account, once you have signed in, Feedly will automatically add feeds you are subscribed to on Google reader.

Adding feeds
Adding feeds is really easy, even if you haven’t used Google reader before, all you need is a URL of the website and Feedly will find the RSS feed and allow you to add it to the main interface.
Just click on the button which says “+add” in the top right corner.

Type the full URL into the box and it will search and allow you to add the feed(s) you want to add. When you add a feed it will allow you to place it into a category and rename it if you want. All of this is optioal and you can just click the subscribe button at the bottom of the window.

Reading Feeds

Reading stories is easy, just click on them and they will open up a new box which will show the story. If you want to go to the actual link to the story just click the story title and it will take you there. Some posts however do not contain the full story so it may be required to go to the story webpage to read the full article. (This varies depending on what feeds you are reading)

You’ll have no doubt by now noticed the share buttons above the article on the top right, these will allow you to share the article over various social networks, or clip it to evernote (Another application which I will be blogging about in the future)along with that you can also favourite articles and recommend them. Whats nice about Feedly is that it will allow you to easily share articles over twitter, and will track how popular your shared articles are in the “Karma” section.

When you are finished reading some of the articles and don’t want to see them any more, you can also just click the huge tick button which marks all articles as read.


There are tons more features on Feedly, with this blog post I just wanted to get the basics out of the way. I will say that its an excellent tool to keep up to date with news. Especially when it comes to technology news you definitely need to keep up to date. Its integration with Evernote and social networks makes this an excellent platform for sharing articles with other people. I highly recommend that people get this extension.  The only issue I do have with it, is that it requires a Gmail account. It would be good for it to not be dependant on that, however this is only a minor issue and I am sure many people use a Gmail account anyway.


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