Computer Update – 29/10/2010

I have not done a computer update for quite sometime. I have some bad news about it.

It seems that the people got a digit wrong, which meant the computer had to be sent all the way back to Warrington, despite it being half way here, which means I might have to wait another two weeks. I don’t think my parents will take kindly to these delays, as they are paying for a computer we have not got, my parents will only let these delays go on for so long, before they demand either a brand new replacement or a refund. I am getting very annoyed my self. I shouldn’t have to use my mum’s computer, which is something I have not done since I started college back in 2007. My mum was kind enough to let me use her computer in the mean time. 

I do hope I hear more about my PC soon. I can then create videos again.


Thanks for reading.


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