What I would do during a Zombie outbreak.

This is a topic that has been on my mind for quite sometime now, and I thought that I would share with you what I would do during a Zombie outbreak.

Find somewhere to hole up

Believe it or not one of the biggest mistakes to hole up would be the hospital because think about it when people got bit where would they head to? The second worse place would be a supermaket, as durig major disasters people will panic buy, and the third worse place to hole up is the airport, as a huge crowd of people might have tried evacuating and there could have been infected in the crowd.

Staying in a house, is safer, but not for long. In fact the most safe place to hole up would probably be inside a Tank, and if the military were trying to contain the outbreak they might use tanks. Tanks are good because Zombies cannot get into them becasuse of the heave armour, also you can move it around, providing it has fuel and use it for attacking infected providing there is ammo.  However a tank is only good for about 2 people to hole up, for larger groups the best place to hole up would be far away from the cities, and towns. Although you can still get attacked there is a greater chance of survial in the rual countryside.


Never use a knife unless you need to make a quick escape. Blunt objects such as baseball bats or hammers are good meele weapons. For guns I recommend using a shotgun and handgun as Zombies prefer to attack at short range so a shotgun would be good option. However if there are large groups coming at you then you are bettter off using an assult rifle or light machine gun.


Keep to the smaller shops, as they will be less likley a victim of panic buying. However your best chance would be to stick with tinned or non preshiable foods.

Medical care

As I said before a hospital is a really bad place to go. I recommend sticking with the smaller pharmacies.


Other survivors

Remember that there could always be other survivors so its best to not take more stuff than you need. Other survivors will even kill you over supplies if they are desprate enough.

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