Where have I been these past few weeks?

I have been sorting my life out so to speak. I have been looking for a job and with any luck I might be getting a job soon as I have an interview on Saturday. I am not going to reveal who my interview is with other than if I get the job I will like it. Its not a job related to computers, because to be honest I think that I would like something different.  I do not want to go to work, and sit behind a computer all day, just to come home and do the same thing. In short I like to keep my home life different to my work life.

So what does this mean?

If I do get the job, it means I will not be making YouTube videos as often as I can, so in preparation I am trying to make enough new videos for people to watch before I go for the interview. Worry not though for I shall try my hardest to make a new video or two when I get time off work.

Also if I am working I can save up and getting better recording equipment, and get my lighting sorted out in my room.

Speaking of my room, I might finally be getting the room decorated, as many people on YouTube have posted death threats because my room looks like shit. It will be nice to have it decorated, because then my video quality might go up and people will stop hating on my room.

Why have I not been posting stuff to my blog recently?

Don’t worry I have not abandoned my blog, I’ve just been busy trying to sort my life out, and I have also been struggling with an idea to make a blog post about.

Are you not going to university? Why?

I really do not have the money, and also it could be a big waste of time if I can’t get a job out of it. I decided that I will go straight into work. I also do not like lectures because I’ve never been any good with lectures as my mind seems to wander. I will not discourage people from going to university if that’s what they want, but please think about what you want out of life.

Also to get a job after university, I would have to move to London as there won’t be any high paying jobs in Manchester for me. It seems that all the good jobs are in London and again I don’t want to move out of Manchester as my life is in Manchester. One day I might move out of Manchester, but it will not be any time soon.

Are you going to get your own place?

Yes I will admit that I am 19 and still live with my parents. Is better then living on the streets and I will have a roof over my head until I am ready to move out. At the moment I am not being forced to move out which is a good thing. I am waiting until I truly believe I have the finances to support myself. Trust me its not only rent you have to pay.

When you get your own place you have to pay.

  • Council Tax
  • Gas and Electric bills
  • Food & Drink
  • Water bills
  • TV license
  • Products to keep the house clean
  • Rent (Or mortgage)
  • Phone line
  • Furniture (If the place doesn’t have any)
  • Broadband

Although the government will help you if you are on a low income, however you will still have to pay most of the bills yourself.

Well I hope that has enlightened you.

I might also try a new theme on this blog as well. I like to keep things fresh.

Thanks for reading.


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