Blog Updates – 01/10/2010

I have once again updated the blog, as you probably all know by now, so I will list the changes made.


Major Changes

  • Changed the theme to “Fusion” as it seems to focus more on content, I was also bored of the same theme over and over again.
  • Menu has been slimed down to include internal blog links, all external links can be found on the right sidebar.
  • Added an RSS Icon for one click RSS subscriptions. Its located above the search box on the right sidebar.
  • Added the calendar.
  • Added recent posts.
  • Added “Top Clicks” which track the most popular links on my entire blog.
  • To keep the theme consistent, I removed the twitter widget from the sidebar.
  • Changed the way the posts are displayed on the home page, users now have to click on the post title to read the whole post.
    This also keeps the look minimal.


Failed changes

  • Wanted to add “Delicious” to the sidebar, but was too complicated to set up.
  • Tried to add my Photo stream on Flickr, but it didn’t work too well with the theme.
  • Wanted to add an extra sidebar, but the blog ended up looking terrible, so I stuck with one sidebar.




Overall the blog has become more streamlined, and focuses more on content rather than the widgets. You’ll notice that these new changes are still being updated. I have only just started using this theme.
So pleas bare with me while the blog undergoes more changes. At the moment though I am happy with the way it looks.


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