My top Twitter clients.

In this post I am going to list my top twitter clients that I have used in the past, I will also give you a reason why I liked using them.

I have chosen not to include web, or iPhone clients unless the application has an iPhone version. Also I did not include Mac applications because I do not have a Mac, anyway most of these clients will work across all platforms.

Windows Clients

The clients below will work on Windows, and some will work on OSX.

Seesmic Desktop 2


This is (I think) one of the most popular twitter clients for Windows, and version 2 now supports downloadable pugins to expand this beyond a simple twitter and facebook client. This client runs off Microsoft Silver light, and version 2 also works on Mac OSX. At the moment I have yet to see a version for Linux, but users can just run this application under wine.

I should also mention that this client also updates in real time, so as soon as someone tweets out you’ll be able to see it without having to wait which is a nice bonus.

It is defiantly worth downloading and using if your sick of seeing Adobe air/Flash based clients.

Download Link –


I am sorry that no screen shot of this is available, it was a good twitter client for Windows, until twitter changed the api which meant that this client no longer works.(Whether is works now is a different matter.) Like Seesmic it is based on Silver light, and it was the best client in terms of sheer eye candy and performance, however it didn’t really bring anything new other than a pretty interface. This client will only work on Windows, and was designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7, no Windows XP support, which might put many users off.

However the company that made it also has some very interesting ideas and concept designs for other applications, so have a look around the site.

Download Link –

Cross Platform clients

These clients will work on Windows, Mac and Linux.



Don’t let the name put you off this “to the point” twitter client.

Honestly it is one of the few twitter clients that still works, and works well. The alert sounds are good, not over the top, and you can also customise the look if you know CSS, however the client does come with three themes as standard. I would have liked to see a more … easier method of changing the look.

It also has a multitude of settings to configure.

Download Link –



You have probably all heard of Tweet deck, one of the most used cross platform and iPhone clients.

I did like using it in the past as it seemed everyone else was using it but I discovered that it can be one of the worst twitter clients in terms of performance, also it just seems to be a bit bloated in my opinion, however I can let all of that go by mentioning it has support for Facebook and MySpace and other social networks. I would recommend this for those on linux who want to see what the “Seesmic” desktop client is like. Only thing this application doesn’t do is the real time updates, and there is no support for Plugins.

The iPhone application is in fact near identical to the desktop version. I will say that it runs fairly well on my 8GB iPod touch 3G. The desktop client does suffer from long loading times and performance issues. I also found the alert box to be very intrusive, but I believe you can disable it under the application settings.

I will say that its the best cross platform client. Which is a close contender next to the Seesmic client.

Download Link –

Web browser clients

EchoFon (Firefox)

Again I apologise for the lack of a screenshot.

The client runs on Firefox 3.0 and later (not version 4) and it works reasonably well. The alert boxes are not intrusive, the client does not drain performance. At times however it would just stop connecting to twitter for days on end. Whether this was due to my connection I do not know.

You can also customise the client by changing the look of the client. In my opinion its nice to have it but not necessary.

There is also a native non browser based version for Mac and the iPhone.

Download Link –

Chrowety (Google Chrome)


There is not much to say on this client other than it works. It also suffers from the same connection issues that echofon has, and it does also bring performance issues when running on low end hardware (512MB, Pentium 4).

The client does add an extra button to YouTube so you can instantly share the video with other people, but seeing how this feature is on YouTube as standard it makes it redundant, heck I did not even use the share button.

Another issue is that it does seem complicated, so users who just want a twitter client, be disappointed. It took me too long to set up, and that was just because of the loading and connection times.

Download Link –

What about paid apps?
In my opinion you should never have to pay for a twitter client, when there are free twitter clients readily available.
The twitter client on Xbox live is not free since you have to be on a gold subscription to use it.

Stick with the free apps, if the twitter service is free then why should developers charge people to use a client to use the service.


I have to say that in my honest opinion I like all of these clients so I switch between them every so often to keep things fresh. If you want to suggest more then feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments and I will update the list. I want to try and get a list of the top twitter clients people use.

Also Mac users, please feel free to post your top twitter clients, and have a link to download it and link a screen shot to it in PNG format.

Anyway thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing your suggestions.


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