How to – Putting iPod music on GTA China Town wars.

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I was going to make this into a video tutorial and then I realised it would be much quicker to make a blog post about this.

As the title says I am going how to put iPod music onto GTA China Town wars. This can be done on both Mac and PC’s All you will need is iTunes but this guide assumes that you already have iTunes and the china town wars app, please take note that this will not work on the lite version of the game.

Step 1 – Creating a play list

First thing you need to do is create a playlist in iTunes and call it GTA (All in capitals).


Then all you have to do is drag and drop the songs you want onto the playlist.
To make sure that this will work first time, you should sync your iPod touch/iPhone before moving onto the next step.

This can be done by selecting your iPod touch from the right sidebar, and click on “Sync” in the bottom right corner of the window.


Step 2 – Configuring the station.

When you are in the main game screen on china town wars, you need to touch the little red button that is above the GPS/Mini Map


Once you have touched it, navigate to “System” and touch it.


(I am aware that your first instincts will tell you to head straight to the radio option, this does present a problem which I will cover later)

Now you need to touch the settings button.


Once you have touched the settings button, you’ll get the following screen.


Where it says “Preferred radio station” set it to “independence FM”.

Go back to the first screen you came across after touching the little red button and then navigate to the radio button, and then swipe until you have come across independence FM and if the music starts playing you have successfully imported music onto GTA China town wars. You will not need to go through this process again if you have saved the game.

“Why can we just go to the radio option?”

Because without setting independence HM as the preferred radio station, when you change cars the radio station changes as well. Which means you will have to keep going to the options screen and changing the radio manually. This does get annoying, and the fun is ruined.


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