Where am I now?

As you have probably guessed by now, I have merged this blog with the blog on Digital Dojos.
Do not worry for I will still be using this blog, I am just going to have to manage more than one blog.

What will this mean?

It means I will be managing two blogs at the same time, however any new content will be published to my digital dojos blog  before it appears on this blog.

If it turns out that I do not have the time to manage both blogs then I will have to to chose one or the other which will be a tough choice.

Not all new content will make it to this blog, mostly posts of a personal nature. This blog will be used strictly for technology and updates.

Will you be getting your own domain name?

Hopefully one day, but it is having the money. Paying for hosting is something I cannot afford at the moment. I need to get a new host so I can take advantage of WordPress plugins. However at the moment I think using the free word press service will do.


What happened to your freewebs site?

I made two websites on there but I decided that it would be much easier to make a simple blog, and wordpress allows me to do that with ease. You can go back and look at them but I will not be publishing any new content there. I would have removed them but there is not an option to do so.


Which Twitter Client are you using now?

As you probably all know by now I keep changing twitter clients. At the moment I am using the “Spaz” twitter client.
You can set it to use custom CSS to apply a theme/skin to it, but the one that the screen shot is showing comes with the client by default.


You can download the Spaz twitter client here.


Which web browser are you using now?

As with Twitter clients I am also constantly switching between different web browsers, as I find it hard to pick a specific browser, I also like to keep changing web browsers.

At the moment I am using the safari web browser.


Safari has recently started supporting extensions, and hardware acceleration on Windows, which makes it a fairly good browser. I especially like the speed dial feature which the screen shot shows. You can add book marks to this, or have it display sites from your recent history. I also like the font smoothing. (On windows you have to set this manually)

I was going to switch back to Firefox 4, but as I was typing something on Facebook the developer tool boxes came up and it crashed my browser. I do not like using web browsers that crash while you are trying to type.

What do you use to post to your blog(s)?

Well that all depends on where I am.
At college I would have been forced to use the web based blog poster that is on wordpress. Although it is not as powerful as Windows live writer it still suits my needs.

At home I use Windows Live Writer. Think of it as Microsoft Word but for publishing to blogs (Even though Word has an option to publish to a blog) It is really useful for long posts such as this post, and it also allows you to see a live preview of what the post will look like once it is published.

Windows Live Writer will also publish to other blogging services such as Blogger (Which I have also used in the past)


(The font smoothing on Windows is provided by a freeware application)

As you can see the interface is fairly decent, and as I said above it is really great for longer blog posts.

You can download it for free here. (On a side note, this application also comes with the Windows live suite of freeware applications from Microsoft)

Will you still be making videos?

Yeah of course I would not quite YouTube unless I had no other choice. At the moment nothing has been keeping me away from YouTube.

The only thing which could possibly delay my YouTube videos would be me trying to get an apprenticeship sorted out for myself.


Will you be going to university?

No, due to financial difficulty, they wanted the full payment on enrolment and I couldn’t just pull out £3000 out of no where. I was aware that I could get help with it, but that meant that I was still £1500 short. I also watched a news report about university students were having a really hard time getting a job after they finish university. There was some on the report who said that having a degree does not mean you’ll get a job out of it.

So instead I am going to get on an apprenticeship, which is better for me as I can learn while on the job, and I do not have to pay anything for an apprenticeship either. I think this way I can avoid all the costs and debt that university brings.

At present I am on a short list for one apprenticeship and I am currently waiting for the other apprenticeship place to get back into contact with me.

If I can’t get an apprenticeship I will get a job, I am not going to lazy around at home and do nothing for the rest of my life.

Should I bother with college?

Are you crazy! Of course you should, its free and with a level 3 qualification you could land a job without any issues, as you will not need any training up front. It is better for the company if they do not have to train you.


Anyway, thanks for reading this long blog post.


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