Blog Updates – 23/8/2010

As you may have noticed I made some changes to the blog. Below is a rundown of the recent changes, and changes I have not implemented.


  • Added a “Tweet” button to the bottom of the posts so that readers can tweet out posts to twitter.
  • Added automatic twitter publicise which means any new posts will be posted on twitter.
  • Added rating system to posts.
  • Changed background to something more technology related. The background I made myself, pieced together from various screenshots that I have made.
  • Started using the auto tag, and auto link, and auto image features that have just been implemented on To clean up my blog posts.
  • Cleaned up some older posts.
  • More proof reading to come before posting.
  • Added more detail to “Turn Windows into OSX” page to include RK Launcher iVista.
  • Checking comments a lot more, as some legitimate comments seem to end up being marked as spam.
  • Adding “Related Articles” to some posts. The feature is included on the auto tag feature which has implemented.

Changes not implemented

  • VideoPress is feature is only available to users. At the moment I do not have the money to implement this feature. So no videos will be posted to the blog.
  • Adding audio podcasts was scrapped due to me having trouble integrating it with my blog. Also it would cause some to question the originality of my blog, as someone else already has a podcast and tech blog.
  • Changing the theme will no longer be happening as I like the current theme as it is professional. This is only until a new theme comes out that I like.
  • No longer using the iPod touch application as I never use it, and it is also too easy to make spelling and punctuation mistakes due to the touch screen keyboard.
  • No integration with Facebook, as facebook is more personal than Twitter.

Planned Changes

  • Adding Deviant Art link to navigation bar.
  • Changing the URL of my Last.FM link. For some reason it does not link correctly.
  • A new background, if I can create one that does not overload the background.

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