12 core Mac pro – Any good?

hard drive bay of the Apple Mac Pro
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If you did not know Apple have released thier new 12 core mac pro. I have seen some good points made even by the Apple fans I watch on YouTube.

Instead of making this a very long post I am just gonna break it down.

Advantages –

– Future proof for when the 12 cores are actually needed

– Packing a lot of power


– Most users will find them selves not even using any more then 4 cores.

– Heavy price tag

– Lacking monitor

– You need to purchase a VGA adapter if you want to hook up a VGA adapter.

The xeon processor

I will admit the Xeon processor is powerful, however if it was truly as powerful as people keep saying then why would you need 12 of them? Surly 4 cores will be good enough to get just about anything done. I highly doubt the movie industry will switch to the new mac pro. Even gamers do not use more than 4 cores. They can play crysis fine.

Now yes if someone gave me the new mac pro I would gladly have it, however I think that after a while I would sell it as I would not even need the power that it offers.

Lacking Monitor

If you have an older VGA monitor then you are out of luck, the mac pro only includes a DVI adapter, and you will have to forkout more more money.


One thought on “12 core Mac pro – Any good?

  1. By the way.
    This is not a hate post towards Apple. I am just giving my opinions on the product in question.
    I say bad things about the Mac Pro because for one I am not an Apple loyalist.

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