I am back from my holiday!

Hey everyone, just letting you all know that I am now back from my Holiday, and I did a video about it on YouTube as well.


I also managed to pick up a new headset and some games, which I got on a brilliant deal. Again I made a video about this.


For those who did not understand what the deal was, let me do it in writing.

(All of which were brand new, no pre-owned games)

Shop: GAME (Rhyl, North wales)

PC games were 2 for £25, and I purchased the ultimate box set (which was counted as one product) and Tropico 3.

I also purchased Sim City 4(Deluxe which counts as 2 games), for £9.99

I got Mad World (Not the song no matter how good it is) on the Wii for £6.99

So in total I spent less that £40 and I got thirteen games. It goes to show that if you have an eye for a bargain you will be able to get great deals on well … anything really. People have always said it was one of my qualities, but I seriously doubt it, I like saving money.

On my last day in Wales I also managed to pick up a new headset, but I’ve not yet uploaded the unboxing, which I will be doing later on, and will be updating this post as needed.

Anyway, thanks for reading this post.


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