Quick reminder – Holiday.

Just a very quick reminder to you all. After today (16/7/2010) I will be away for a week. Which means I will not have any kind of internet access, therefore will not be able to answer comments, or reply to E-mails. However if I do manage to find a wireless hotspot I will post to twitter, although I cannot promise anything.

I can’t wait to go on holiday, I need to have the time away from the computer, and the “sea air” should do my asthma some good.

On the day I go, we might not set off until later on in the day so I might be able to do one final check of my emails, and comments before we leave.

Also again don’t expect any videos of me on holiday as I do not want to have to lug around a camera with me, and also I have no method of recharging the battery when it dies, so there would be no point. The only thing I will be taking (Apart from clothes and medication) will be my iPod touch to listen to in the car, if I don’t end up falling asleep, and thank fully I managed to get hold of a socket adapter which means I do not have to carry around my netbook.

Although I did create and upload an update video regarding this, I chose to delete it and opt for the blog, because I find that it is quicker to type then to render a full video.

I can also imagine the amount of hate comments I’ll receive on YouTube, while I am gone. Block and delete are my best friends.

On the day I go I have to turn all electrical stuff off, so no electric is being wasted, and therefore saving money.


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