Public Apology

A couple of days ago I was bombarded with about 7 comments (all comments were the same) from a hater on YouTube. I posted a comment on the guy’s YouTube channel telling him that he was out of order in a nice way.

I blocked both of his accounts and deleted all of his comments.


Today however, I was on YouTube checking my comments, and my inbox had 9 friend invites … so I thought that I would have a look. However after clicking it I was met with the following page.


(This was happening on every browser, every computer that I went on)

At first I assumed that YouTube was down, so I asked people via Twitter if they had been experiencing the same issues.

I then went on to say that it might have been possible that someone hacked my YouTube account because of one of the replies I got on Twitter.


(By the way I have no issue naming this person here, if he wasn’t prepared for the consequences why did he post this tweet to me)

As you could probably imagine after seeing this reply I thought that he had hacked my YouTube account.


But thankfully it was due to YouTube being down for maintenance.


So why did I get so angry about it?

The truth is I’ve had issues with my anger since I was a small child, as time went on I learnt to control my anger, but sometimes it still gets the better of me, also you should take into account the amount of hate comments I have been receiving from some guy who made 2 accounts just to spam my videos with hate.


I am sorry about my attitude on Twitter, and I should have taken time to think. It was a mistake I have made, and for those who I may have upset or offended I offer my sincere apology. I know that saying sorry isn’t going to erase what I did, at the end of the day it’s a start.

So once again,

I am sorry!


(A quick message to YouTube: You need to inform users in advance when the site will be undergoing maintenance. Facebook does it, twitter does it, Xbox live does it, even Playstation network does it so why can’t YouTube? Also if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, there is no point in causing glitches for a few updates that users can’t even notice. I would post a “Change log” so users can see what has actually changed)


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