Free Software – Desk Drive

Desk Drive will allow your PC to create shortcuts to removable and fixed storage on your desktop. Which is a feature similar to ubuntu and Mac OSX. In my opinion having something like this is a big time saver you are constantly accessing your USB Flash drive or internal hard drive.

The software will work on 32bit and 64bit systems and it runs in the background, and its impact on system performance is minimal, which is a good thing.

08-07-2010 09-11-11

08-07-2010 09-08-10

Here are the settings, as you can see the application is highly customisable, and easy to access from the system tray.

You can play with these settings for your self and see which settings work best for you, the settings I have used work fine for me. If you want to you can exclude drives so that the application will not show them on the desktop, again this can be configured to suit your needs.


I like this application, it saves mouse clicks which is good for productivity and easy of use. I think everyone who uses a USB Flash Drive often should download this nice little application.

Download Link

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