When does the “Summer” start?

I have a question. When do you all think the Summer holidays start? Does it start the second you walk out of those gates at school/college? Does it start when you get home on your last day …. or does it start at a different time.

For me the holiday starts on the week after, because I was never in on Fridays and weekends, so to me those 3 days are still term time.
The Monday (which is today) is the day when the summer holidays start, as term time is over for me then.

I really enjoy the summer it is by far the best time of the year for me. I am not in college or school, I go on holiday, and its also my birthday during the summer. When the summer ends it does make me feel quite sad, for the best times in life have to experienced during the summer.

Also lets not forget its near impossible to catch a cold during the summer.


So how have I been spending my summer thus far?

Well really all I am doing is chilling out, and then going on holiday in a couple of weeks. I am not going to reveal the exact date as I don’t want everyone knowing when I am going on holiday.

I have also been catching up on some of my games, and completing some games that I didn’t have the chance too due to college. I have also began to use Facebook a lot more now than I ever did.

I haven’t really done much.

Anyway … what do you all have planned for summer? Going somewhere nice? Getting some new stuff? Chilling out? Whatever your doing feel free to share in the comments section below.


Thanks for reading.


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