Summer Update (2010) – COLLEGE IS … OVER!

Yes it seems college is finally over. I shall get to my feelings later on in this post, I just want to get the updates out of the way.


  • More focus on remaking older videos
  • Possible re-launch of “How to make XP look like Mac” Series
  • Possible re-launch of “Browser wars” series, but is still in doubt.
  • More game play videos to come


  • Updating and adding more functionality to pages and posts such as adding a digg submission button.
  • Proof reading posts and checking for spelling/formatting errors.


  • Going on Holiday in a couple of weeks.
  • Chilling out mostly.
  • Gaming… and more gaming.

Thoughts on finishing college.

I am both Happy and sad that I have left college now. I am sad because I will miss the walk there and back, I will miss the people I have met there.

I am happy I’ve left because I will no longer have to get up dead early in the morning.

Anyway today I walked home for the very last time, I tell you something it … filled me with inner peace, knowing that I can spend my summer chilling out and playing games. Also the college was quiet, really quiet.

(The image below shows the campus I was based at for my second year. During my first year on level 3  and my Level 2 course I was based at the Newall green campus which is now owned by Newall Green High School)


Source: (

I used to walk out of the gates at the other end of the field. (To the right of photograph)

I shall miss that place. However I think it is time to put it all behind me and focus on my career.

I would like to thank all the staff, the BTEC IT students and my class for making these past 2 years meaningful. I will never forget it.

I would also like to thank, all of those in my class for watching and spreading the word about my YouTube videos, since you started doing that my channel has taken off and I have gained partnership.

So I shall see you all around, and some of you I may even see at the Shenna Simon campus in September…..  For those who I’ll probably never see again, I wish you the very best of luck in your future.


and once again



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