College Updates – 27/6/2010

So yes the final college update is upon us.

All I need to do is print out my web unit work and then burn the website to a disc. I also have to get employability skills done, if the rest of the class are up to it. Once all that is done I can concentrate on getting my AON (Application of Number) Key Skill done and then pass the maths test, and BAM! college is finished for good.


I will be sad to see college end though, I’ve had a good three years there, and I would happily live them again if given the chance.

I have a 3 week slot to get my AON done as I am going on holiday two weeks after college has finished.


When all this is done I can finally say good bye to college and concentrate on my YouTube videos and my Blog. (Apart from the week I am on Holiday).


Anyway how are you all planning to spend your summer? Let me know in the comments.

Oh and




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