The Rules I live by.


1. Never trust a mac user
2. always watch your back
3. Only Aplogise when needed
4. Have secret? Keep it to your self, tell one other person if you must.
5. If you need to wake someone up slap them on the back of the head, slapping them in the face is humiliating.
6. Never date a co-worker unless it was meant to be.
7. Sometimes your wrong
8. Never mess with my drinks if you want to live
9. Listen to your gut instinct
10. Family comes first
11. Never date a lapdancer
12. Expect the unexpected
13. Never date a woman who cries “rape”
14. Don’t buy macdonalds from Wythenshawe
15. Always make sure your computer can be upgraded before you upgrade.
16. Always back up your work
17. Never leave 2 trouble makers in the same room
18. Its the thought that counts
19. When I get angry don’t be in the same room
20. Get off your arse and do something with your life.
21. Money isn’t important
22. Think outside of the box
23. Stand up for what is right, no matter what.
24. Think before you act.
25. Its better to do something than sit there and do nothing.
26. Never rush into anything.
27. Never be late, unless you have bo choice.
28. There is always room for improvement
29. Always aim to be your best
30. Never bash anyone online
31. Never been nervous under pressure
32. Never over complicate anything
33. When you lie be specific
34. Keep things simple
35. Never cheat when playing games online
36. Don’t believe what you are told .. always double check.
37. Never be unreachable
38. Never take anything for granted
39. It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission
40. When a job is done walk away
41. If it seems like someone is out to get you … they are.
42. Clean up your messes
43. If a computer doesn’t work, HIT IT!
44. Defuse a situation with humor, rather than aggression
45. Always think positive
46. If trying to intimidate someone, silently stare at them for 5 minutes.
47. If a woman is stalking you online, meet up and have fun with her.
48. Never pursue an online romantic relationship.
49. Don’t show fear when faced with great odds.
50. Live your life on your terms, no one else’s.

So what rules do you live your life by?


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