Personal Updates – 16/6/2010

It appears I am not finishing on June 24th, it has been moved up to July 2nd, which allows us to have more time to correct our work.  However once all my work has been handed in and corrected there is a chance I will be finishing earlier than July 2nd, since there is no need for me to be there.

In short I will only stay at college if I need to, but look at it this way. Even if all my work is done and finished I can still go college and get my EMA, but I think I might become bored, as there will be nothing for me to do.

As for what is happening about me taking my degree in September there is still doubt about what is happening with it all, I am being told one thing, and then later told something completely different. I would love to take my degree, maybe if I get all my work done, I can use the spare time getting my degree course sorted out, and then finances are to be sorted.

I left the economics to the last minute as there is no point getting everything ready, and not being able to take this degree, I want to be on the course before I sort that out.


So it seems my future is as of yet still undecided, where will I go after September … I’ll wait and see.


Other Updates

  • Maintaining the blog during the summer
  • Making more YouTube videos during the summer
  • Submitting more work to deviant art when I get the chance
  • If I get on the degree with any luck I’ll have the money to buy a Mac book pro.
  • Might possibly looking for a job whilst studying on degree
  • Trying to get my own place. A cheap studio flat will do me fine while on my studies.
  • Also if I get my own studio flat I need to work on getting access to the internet .. cheap internet should do me fine.

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