Blog Updates – 14/6/2010

Recent Changes

  • Added a rating system so that users could rate on posts. However you cannot rate on blogs on that are on the home page, you’ll have to click on the blog title and then scroll down to find the ratings. I will be fixing this soon
  • Added digg submission buttons to some of the blogs and pages.  Since this cannot be done automatically not all new posts will have the digg submission button.
  • Integrated Blog with my twitter account so that new posts/pages will automatically be sent out to Twitter.
  • Added more links to the side bar under the “Personal links” section.
  • Added a new page called “Pc Performance tips” it can be accessed from the navigation bar.
  • Added more detail to the “Turn Windows into OSX” page. To include Windows 7 information.
  • No longer adding people on FaceBook.
  • Not accepting Friend requests on YouTube. You should subscribe instead.
  • No longer accepting friend requests on steam.
  • No longer accepting Xbox live or PSN friend requests

Possible Future changes

  • Using VideoPress to Share some videos on my Blog.
  • Adding digg submission buttons to future posts.
  • Adding more tags/categories
  • Adding more pages when topics come up.
  • Posting video reviews along with written overview on wordpress, via VideoPress or Direct file upload.
  • Asking other users to join and be able to post. (Needs serious consideration)

Failed Changes

  • Adding videos via Blip.TV wouldn’t work no matter what I did, the video wouldn’t display.
  • If showing software I will store the executable on wordpress and have a direct download link. WordPress does not support .EXE or .MSI files, as such this feature will not be implemented.
  • Making images have the “Pop out” effect, that darkens the rest of the web page and displays only the image.
  • My freewebs page [ ] is no longer active.
  • My Blog Spot [ ] is no longer active.

Changes being worked on

  • Last FM link doesn’t work. I’m still working on this issue so please be patient.
  • Pop out effect for images so readers do not have to leave the blog to view an image at full size.
  • Deleting some of the older media that is no longer being used to conserve file space.
  • Optimising images for faster download and higher quality.
  • Noting down some ideas for videos to be posted on the blog only.

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