Review – Destroy Twitter

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Trust me this application will not “Destroy” twitter. Its in fact one of my favourite twitter clients that are out there. Anyway enough of me rambling on with myself here is the review.

Cross Platform
Like most Twitter Clients that are out there, this application uses “Adobe Air” so that means it can run on any system that runs Windows, Mac and Linux. This is great because everyone will get a chance to use Destroy twitter.



The interface is nice and clean, and does not go over the top with features, all of which I will explain later on in this review. Not to mention that you can create your own themes and download and install custom themes with ease. Which can all be done on the download link which shall be provided at the end of the review.


As with most twitter clients these days Destroy twitter comes with url shortners and picture sharing services to choose from, the application will also allow you to view pictures without having to use a web browser, which is also becoming a standard for many twitter applications. The multiple services do aid in giving you the choice of service you want to use, for both image sharing and URL shortening.


Apart from what I said above, the application does what it was designed to do and nothing else which is a nice touch, and stops the interface from becoming too complex.



  • Easy to use
  • Cross Platform
  • Free
  • Easy to customise
  • Lots of options to set.


  • Can only post to twitter, no facebook support announced.

Download Link (You can also download themes and Adobe air from here)


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