Tutorial – Custom Drive Icons for USB Flash Drives (Windows)

I also made a video about this on YouTube, but for those who learn by reading I thought I would make a blog post on it.

First of all you need a USB Flash drive of any size. The icon and the relevant file will not take up that much file space. Plug the Flash drive into an available USB port, and when the auto run prompt appears just close it.

Secondly you need the icon, the best site I have found for this is called “Icon Archive” and it allows you to download ico,icns and png icons. (the icns format is for mac only)

Icon Archive

Find the icon you want to use from the massive library of icons that are available. (It could take a while)

Once you have found an icon, download it and copy it to the “root” directory of the USB flash drive (this means not putting it into any folders on the flash drive)


Once that is done, you’ll want to make a new text document.  Call it autorun for now.


Open up the text document and type the following in.


Replace “name of file” with the full file name of the icon, this is easily done by copying and pasting the name into the text document.

Next you need to save it. Save the file as “autorun.inf”.


Once you have saved the autorun file, take out the flash drive and then plug it back in, and if you have done everything correctly. The drive icon should have changed to a custom icon. If the original text document you created earlier still exists then you can delete it.


This should work with Windows XP and above. If you really want to do more than just add an icon you can have a look around the internet for more autorun commands however some of the advanced commands will only work on specific versions of Windows.

As far as doing this on Linux and Mac I have no idea. I have not used either one of them long enough for me to know. Sorry about that.

To download icons you can visit icon archive.

[ http://www.iconarchive.com ]

As usual if you can suggest other sites where you can download icons feel free to leave them in a comment, and I will add it to the list on this post.


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