Updates – 7/6/2010

As you may or may not have noticed I did not make an update video last week due to me being too tired. I thought instead of appearing on camera for this update I shall make it written.

The first update will be an apology to those who have been leaving suggestions on my YouTube channel. I am sorry about this, I have been busy and was unable to respond to the suggestions. I have now started responding to them again, but it seems to have “dried up” as people say. Keep those suggestions coming.

The second update concerns with my videos, I am going to start making more video blogs on YouTube as well as keeping up with the tutorials as well, in regards to my tutorials I have started using the MOV format as opposed to the MP4 format. The MOV file type has better quality.

I am also considering buying an EZ-Cap to record my console game-play videos, again in the effort to increase my content. The EZ-cap is only £5 so it’s not too bad. With any luck I might also be making a video on how to set it up to record game play footage from the Xbox. The videos will not be in HD since I am not using a HD TV.

As for this wordpress blog I am using Windows Live writer to create posts. It allows me to spell check and proof read all posts before I publish them. It also gives me the opportunity to add effects to any images. Mainly using the drop shadow effect. In fact the only time I do not use WLW is when I am in college and I have to use the web based blog post writer.

I will be making this update in video form. Sometime later on today.


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