Tech Survey – A written survey.

I made this tech survey written because I just don’t feel like appearing on camera this week.  Anyway here is the tech survey.

1. What operating system are you using?

I am using Windows Vista Home premium 64bit.


2. What keyboard are you using?

Saitek Eclipse 2


3. What mouse are you using?

A black Microsoft arc mouse.


4. What webcam are you using?

Microsoft life cam VX-3000. I mainly use it for live streaming.


5. Do you use Skype?

No, not had a reason to use it.


6. What is your opinion on MMORPG’s? (Like wow for example)

World of war craft is not worth it to be honest. MMORPGS can eat at your life, and when your finished you’ll realise just how much life has gone by …. trust me I have been there.


7. What is your opinion on the new COD game? (Black ops).

I believe the game to be rushed much like world at war was. So I don’t know if I will like it or not.


8. What screen capture software do you use?

Camtasia Studio 7


9. Are you sad to see C&C go?

Yes Command and Conquer has been a great saga of games, one of the best RTS games out there.


10. What Office suite do you use?

Open office because its free.


11. Which dock Application do you use?

I switch between xWindows Dock and Object Dock


12. Do you use any instant messaging client?

I do not because I don’t need to use any instant messaging clients.


13. Do you play on Xbox live? (Online)

I do not play online over Xbox live any more mainly due to the PS3 and PC being able to play online games for free, I still use my Xbox to play single player games.


14. Are you using Wired or Wireless internet?



15. Do you think that game DLC are:

a. Overhyped?

Yes I agree that most DLC is over hyped, to the point that you feel you have no choice. COD WaW was a prime example of what I am talking about.

b. Expensive?

For what you get, yes. A few extra maps, you could probably download on the PC version of the game for free.

c. Too multiplayer orientated?

Yes, it is very rare that I encounter DLC to enhance the single player experience.



16. Mac or PC?

I’ll sit on the fence


17. Do you think the iPad is a waste of money?



18. Flash or HTML5?



19. Do you think Apple will go out of business after Steve jobs has gone?

High possibility


20. Have you used/do you use ubuntu?

Yes I run Ubuntu on Oracle Virtual Box.


That is about it for this tech survey, if you would like to submit a survey please send me an email (not with any attachments) to

Thanks for reading.


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