Why do I use Windows Vista? What about Linux?

I have been a Windows user since I was about … 7 years old.  I am comfortable using Windows, Windows understands me and I understand Windows.

I use Windows Vista because its reliable, the computer has always fixed its self when there has been issues such as BSOD’s, which in my case are very rare. In fact most BSOD’s I’ve had are through my own actions. (Such as trying to enable Aero on the Windows 7 trial on VMware) That’s life though, you make mistakes to learn from them.

As for using Windows 7. If people can assure me that Windows 7 is as reliable as Vista then I will dual Boot, as I do not wish to live without Vista. Yes I have tried the trial of Windows 7 and I also have Windows 7 on my netbook, however the netbook edition is too restricted for me.

Ok so what about using Linux … lets use Ubuntu as the example. The main reason I have been put off dual booting into ubuntu is largely due to driver support, I want to be able to use my Belkin wireless USB adapter on Ubuntu, that is why I am running it on Oracle Virtual Box as it allows me to use my wireless adapter as the OS I am visualizing can use the network connection available on the host.

Google Chrome running under Ubuntu on Virtual Box.

I think ubuntu is great, but it also does not have a self repair feature that Windows Vista has.

I can also play all my games on Windows Vista without any issues, most of the source engine games run perfectly fine.

So as to the question “Why I use Windows Vista” there really is no straight answer, its a combination of experience, expectations and the way I’ve been taught.


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