New Official iPod touch Twitter Application – Twitter.

As you’ll have no doubt guessed from the title of this post, twitter have officially released their iPod/iPhone application for free … yes for free which is a good thing, however it took me too damn long to find it. Anyway lets get on with what this application does.

Posting Update


As you can see from the screen shot. The application provides a very basic but easy to use interface, and what is great about it is that all of the options for posting updates (such as adding an image) is there for you waiting to be used, it also has an option to allow you to use the iPhone camera to take pictures and then tweet them out automatically.

The main time line


The main time line pretty much does what it says on the tin. If you scroll upwards the application will make a nice little sound effect and then update for you, which is a nice touch. Also when there is an update on the “@” time line there will be a little blue orb which reminds me of the running indicator from the OSX Dock.

The topic search


Again this section allows you to search for trending topics, there is not much more to say other than it works.



This application allows you to configure how you use the application, it also allows you to install a twitter bookmark to the home screen for instant access to twitter, if you don’t feel like using the application. In my opinion this seems to be unnecessary  as it would divert attention away from the application.

The application also has a built in web browser that can be configured to set all web pages viewed in the mobile format, this is a nice feature as it saves having to use safari all the time when someone sends a link. I also believe that TweetDeck had such a feature.


  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Provides all features needed for a twitter application


  • Was hard to find on the app store
  • No skinning
  • Lack of customisation compared to other applications

So what do you think about this application? Is it worth the download … let me know in the comments.

You can download the application here.

Twitter for iPhone.


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