HTML 5 V Flash – What I think.

We all know about the “battle” between HTML 5 and Flash.

Think about it, look at a site such as YouTube, do you really think it’ll be re-written using HTML 5 over night? Think of all the other websites out there that use flash.

If Flash is “apprently” the number 1 reason the Mac OS crashes then why does it not crash on Windows or Linux? .. I can answer that.
It’s simple, it’s apple’s own doing, they intentionally designed OSX to crash with flash so that Steve Jobs could have a case against Adobe, Adobe are not 100% proprietary. You can open .FLA project files in other applications such as paint shop pro. Secondly you can publish Flash applications to multiple platforms.

The open letter that steve jobs wrote was a smoke screen, as if you read it carefully, steve does not state why having the web open is  a good thing, and why having flash is a bad thing.

Nearly every iPod touch application was created with flash and have been accepted on the app store, also Steve wants to control how people create iPod touch applications …. it’s quite contractdictory since he was saying that adobe was propiratry. .

HTML5 is still too new, people are prediciting that we won’t start seeing HTML5 coded websites til 2022, however that is if Flash isn’t still the standard.


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