Updates – 17/5/2010

As you may have all realised by now my computer had died on me. Well technically it didn’t as it is working again, anyway here is what happened.

On Staurday I was cleaning out the fan on my computer (the CPU fan) as the computer was too noisy(trust me you’ll be deaf once you heard out loud it was) I used dry kitchen towel (paper towel) and when I tried to log into my computer, the screen went black and then logged me off again automatically, so I restarted and it happened again. System restore managed to get me back on but once I had restarted the system after upgrading the graphics card drivers the same issues came back so I did another system restore, and then wiped out the C drive and re-installed vista to factory default, which too less than an hour.

The image is an accurate depiction of what I "could" do when a computer breaks.
Steve Jobs' Wife hates OSX! Jobs got her a mac pro and she hates it!

Source: http://handheldwii.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/fix-broken-computer.jpg

Sorry for that long and boring story.

Anyway I’ve switched back to using CamTasia Studio as BBFlashBack was annoying me, and I wanted to use something different, I’m glad I switched. Studio 7 is amazing, quite like screen flow on Mac OSX as far as features go.

Screen shot of the main interface on CamTasia Studio 7
The CamTasia Main interface

Source: http://static.blogcritics.org/10/03/29/130875/CS7—01.jpg

I have also altered my YouTube and Twitter pages to a more …. dark greyish theme.

My New channel page design on YouTube.
This is the new YouTube Channel design.
My new design on my Twitter page
New Twitter design

YouTube channel

Twitter Page


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