Common Question – BBFlashBack record settings.

Leave the display settings as they are here.

This is a very common question that people ask me. “What settings do you use to record on BBFlashBack?” I couldn’t answer the question as I couldn’t screen record my settings, so I opted for a blog post with screen shots to explain each phase of my settings.

Leave the display settings as they are here.

You don’t need to have any of these selected unless you have a lower (or slower) end computer.

The sound

The microphone you use might be different from mine. If you are also looking to record sound the from the computer then select the second option down, and make sure that the record micrphone box is ticked. That way you can record both the microphone and the computer sound.

At the bottom use the Very high quality MP3 compression, and make sure it’s set to 48.0Khz and make sure both MP3 compression and stereo boxes are checked.

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Aero enabled then you should use GDI mode,  as it has great quality. However if you are going to be recording lots of moving images or games then MPEG mode is best.

Like the very bottom option says, older PC’s can use capture driver mode.

After this step click on the next, and then click on “More settings”

Click on the display tab, and make sure you use the same settings I have here. These settings will change the resolution to 720p during recording, and then it changes back after recording has been finished. This is true for any resolution but I’ve found that these settings work best.

These are the keyboard short-cuts I use. You can set these your self.

When I finish recording, I then add the zoom and pan effects in the BBflashback player, and then export in the following format depending on how quick I want the video to upload/render.


Xvid MPEG4 – AVI


That is everything I can show you, if you have any questions email me

Thanks for reading.


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