Dead Rising – Good weapons

Here I will go over which weapons are the best in my opinion on dead rising.

1. Lead pipe – When you reach the higher levels the lead pipe can give you one hit kills on zombies, you can also throw the pipe at a zombie’s head to make it stick in a pour with blood presenting a good window to take a picture, also killing a zombie in this manner gives you more PP (About 10PP I think)

2. Sickle – Using the primary attack against a zombie will give you a bonus 100PP. However the Alternate attack isn’t that useful for kills but good for clearing a path.

3. 2×4 – A great weapons especially at the higher levels. One hit kills. Very good.

4. Katana – Shame this weapon doesn’t last that long, but it’s powerful and effective. (Hint: The Nick Nak shop in the welcome plaza has an unlimited supply of these weapons)

5. Shotgun – This can only be acquired  from the gun shop. A good weapon with a decent amount of ammo. However these are not unlimited supply do be careful, don’t just shoot everything in sight.


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