YouTube – Video Making tips.

In this post I’m going to provide you all with some tips when it comes to make YouTube videos.

Don’t make a video whilst unwell

If you are unwell it shows, both video and audio wise. Lets say you had a nasty cold for example, people don’t want to hear (and see) you sniffling or sneezing.  Whilst unwell you’ll become harder to understand and making the video will be a lot harder. Also since you’ll be feeling (for lack of a batter word) like shit, it doesn’t help.


The background is really important, time and time again I keep having people insulting me personally due to my background.  If you cannot change your background then there isn’t much you can do.


Don’t make videos on haters who insult you personally, this can (and probably will) backfire. I did this in the past and it caused a small network of haters to arise (the haters in question were all subscribed and friends with each other).  My advice, block the user and delete their comment. (In that order)

Be prepared to take constructive criticism

Not all negative comments are hate comments, most negative comments you’ll see are constructive.  Don’t get upset over this, as some one is trying to help you make your videos better. It worked for me. I will not lie, sometimes you’ll see comments like “fuk u make better video”, a comment like that is not constructive.

“I don’t get any views”

Everyone on YouTube (including myself) has been at this stage, the one thing to worry about is making more videos. The more videos you make the more expose you’ll gain on YouTube, and the more people will watch your videos. Remember though, YouTube does not put your video on the search engine for a couple of days.  You need to be patient and creative.

“I want to become a partner”

Being a partner has a whole range of benefits which I will not go into detail with. If you want to become a partner be prepared to put in lots of work making videos. Don’t be under the impression that you need to be over one million subscribers to be a partner. When I became a partner I had (roughly) around 800 subscribers.  If you have good videos, and are uploading content on a regular basis then there is a good chance of you gaining partner ship.

Video editing software

I know that most of the decent video editing software is expensive. If your making a simple video blog then you can use Windows Movie Maker, if your making a screen recording, camstudio is your best bet.

I really couldn’t tell you what software is the best, it is down to you. Do some research.


The script doesn’t have to be long, just jot down a few ideas. If you can follow a script I can certainly tell you that your videos will become more professional.

That is about it, if you have any more tips to share please leave a comment below.


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