Top 5 – Media players

In this top 5, I’m going to share with you my top 5 media players I’ve ever used.

5. Windows Media player (Windows Only)

We all know and dislike this media player. It’s good to start off with but it doesn’t support that many codecs from “out of the box” and in general it slows the system down too much for me to use. Unfortuantly it is only avaible on Windows, and there fore the plugin for web browsers is also Windows only.

4.  Winamp (Freeware Windows only)

A good customisble media player that has been around as long as I can remember. You can also use this media player to manage your iPod. All of this is not enough to cover up is obvious flaws, for one the free version does not support video which is essential for any media player these days. Another Windows only application.

3. Quick Time (Free version)

A really good HD  enabled media player that supports the new HD MP4 and MOV video format. Not only will it do video, it will do pictures as well, however if you want music enabled I would use iTunes. However linux users will be busted as Quicktime is not supported in linux.

2. Spotify (Free version invite only)

One of the most uses applications on my PC. Although it doesn’t do video the service you get with spotify more than makes up for its shortcomings. Another downside is that if you did not get spotify when it was first announced then you’ll need an invite from someone who has the paid version. The application is also cross platform. (Can be installed on linux using WINE)

1. VLC Media player (Freeware)

What can I say this deserves to be at the top of the list. By far the best media player out there, it’s free, supports a lot of file types(There isn’t a media file type that it doesn’t support yet) does both audio and video media, comes with DirectX support, skinnable and it’s cross platform. One of the best free media players out there worth the download in my book, there is also a portable version of this out there as well.


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